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Name Sally
Location Nidri, Greece
Comments Hi Guys, Hope you are both well. Great photos and video. I will show it to the
others when I see them. The weather here hasn't been great these past couple of weeks, but
still enjoying it all. Is there any chance you could email me a copy of the video, I
would love it for our season compilation? Many thanks, Sally xxx
Date 30 September 2008  Time  10:46
Name Geoff
Location London
Comments Andy are you still going to the eurogames in barcelona this year... as there is a german
bowler a friend of Bill Kohler's called Stephan Kraft, he is looking for someone to make a
doubles partnership.. he averages somewhere around 195.. and usually wins stuff in the
little tournaments they have throughout the year.....
Date 31 January 2008  Time  22:05
Name Adam
Location Lincolnshire
Comments Greetings old friend! Thought I'd drop by and say Hi! Hope this email finds you
well. Adam ;-)
Date 11 July 2007  Time  14:54
Name abbasi
Location saudi arabia
Comments hi andy u did a very hard job and u one of me so how i can joind your group u have any
idea mail me bye
Date 02 July 2005  Time  09:14
Name Iain C
Location Croydon
Comments Great website, have linked it from mine. Keep up the good work. x
Date 03 November 2004  Time  19:23
Website mutant_rabbit
Name KenJohn
Location South Africa
Comments Greetings from Johannesburg airport! The weather is sunny but cool as its winter.
Date 13 August 2004  Time  10:50
Name George & Nick
Location Southampton
Comments We enjoyed your site - the photos of Pride 2004, your Christmas together, holidays abroad,
cider... Hope to see you soon. XX
Date 22 July 2004  Time  00:07
Name Danielge
Location Same as Dorothy Ann
Comments Hi, Daniel am I. got here on a random session. Not very far in and I get a personal website
like this. This one, in fact. Bye, Have fun. God be with you.
Date 16 May 2004  Time  23:01
Website Guyman World Meganicompany
Name Jason
Location Penge
Comments hey, I put in to find a random webpage for the first time in my life, and I get someone in
Norwood, five minutes up the road!
Date 01 April 2004  Time  01:09
Name the real roosta
Comments Why is this site called My name is roosta and i really wanted to get damn you!
Date 18 February 2004  Time  15:50
Name oke
Comments wos ere
Date 15 December 2003  Time  14:33
Name mugusunnykawawa
Location london
Comments i don de here ooooooooooooooooooooooo
Date 07 September 2003  Time  00:17
Name Stevie
Location Croydon
Comments hello Andy, i am here looking at pictures opf leslie and he is in my room where is Ricks
Shed? i would be interested to know as i live around here.
Date 26 July 2003  Time  22:10
Name Andy
Location Norwood
Comments Hello
Date 13 June 2003  Time  18:30
Name KenJohn
Location Island House Key West
Comments Guest chat is not working. Blokey would like this hotel - free bar between 5:30 and 7 pm
daily including the fizzy stuff. Man! Its too hot
Date 26 May 2003  Time  23:36
Name donald duck
Location disney
Date 19 April 2003  Time  18:34
Name Andy
Location Norwood
Comments Are you trying to take over my guest book Kenneth??? :o)
Date 29 January 2003  Time  22:11
Name KenJohn
Location Bellagios - Las Vegas
Comments Sun Sun Sun - wonderful. Bloody hotel charges $1 a minute internet access
Date 29 January 2003  Time  20:02
Name KenJohn
Location Beach Club, Hamilton Island, Australia
Comments Its another day in paradise - bright sun, blue sea and bloody birds squawking away no end
driving you crazy first thing in the morning. Who needs a roosta to wake you up. The roosta
roving reporting signing off.
Date 18 November 2002  Time  01:15
Name KenJohn
Location Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Airlines First Class Loun
Comments Another entry to the guestbook from the roosta roving reporter, this time from the
Malaysian Airlines First Class Lounge in Kuala Lumpur. It very tranquil with flowing water
everywhere other than for my tapping away on the keyboard. There is only one internet
terminal but this lounge is so empty anyway it does not matter.
Date 06 November 2002  Time  08:05
Name KenJohn
Location BA Terraces Lounge, Heathrow T4
Comments Looks like BA computer system allows access to all public section of only.
You can log into member section but then only "profiles" appears as menu option
and even that does not work when clicked on. All photo galleries can be accessed. Must the
asp code it does not like. The roosta jet-setting roving reporter signing off!
Date 31 October 2002  Time  19:52
Name Keithy
Location That Office
Comments Andy, shouldn't Leslie be "Unearthly" strange instead of plain strange? :p
Date 15 September 2002  Time  17:20
Website Earth-Force.Net
Name Anna Schuetz
Location Luebeck, Germany
Comments Congratulations to you for your interesting site. Sorry, my english is not good enough for
explanation, but i like your web-site a lot. Greetings from Anna, Luebeck, Germany
Date 05 September 2002  Time  21:27
Website Weihnachtsgeschenke Geburtstagsgeschenk Geburtstag
Name Greer
Location Orlando, Florida, USA
Comments Nearly 6:30 in the morning here and I just happened to have been thinking about you. :o)
The new page looks neat. Tell everyone I know hey for me. All my love, Greer
Date 11 August 2002  Time  11:38
Name KenJohn
Location Heathrow Terminal 1 - BA Lounge
Comments I am at the Heathrow club lounge waiting for a flight to Edinburgh and am bored so am
surfing the internet! Hey - you need to change your Chessington web-site now
honey! Smoochies
Date 18 June 2002  Time  19:17
Name Bop&Jan
Location Belgium
Comments Hi Andy, Just a quick hi from the both of us just to tell everything is ok. Still
working on our house... phewww. Hope everythings ok with you too... ;-) XXX BOP &
Date 09 May 2002  Time  19:54
Name Keithy
Location That office we love
Comments Hey Andy, I think I found something you wanted for your site. Look at my webcam link on my
site :)
Date 04 April 2002  Time  21:00
Website Earth-Force
Name Leslie
Location Home
Comments Hello Mr Andy, When are we going out for another one of our most splendid curries
? hugs, Leslie.
Date 27 March 2002  Time  08:56
Website My work...
Name Sarah Thomas (kibe)
Location Manchester
Comments Hi Andy, just thought I'd take a little looksie at your site. :) *hugs*
Date 17 February 2002  Time  15:59
Name Bop&Jan
Location Netherlands/Belgium
Comments Hi Andy, Just a quick hello from the both of us. Everything is ok, we have bought a house
in Belgium, we are working in it very much but we´re only planned to move in there in
approx. September. We will keep you posted on this... Nice to see some old know
people appearing in your guest book... so for all thoose we know hello and greeting from
the two of us. XXX Bop & Jan
Date 01 February 2002  Time  16:36
Name Wend
Location Chessington
Comments Love your site babe. Get that Web Cam up and running (I need to know whose coming up our
road!!!). Curry soon yeah. Chris x to you.
Date 12 December 2001  Time  09:21
Name nae boor
Location chessington
Comments Great to see the new site, easy to navigate, mmm not sure about seeing you flying around on
the roller blades though! All the best. m&w.
Date 03 December 2001  Time  21:23
Name Anon
Location Chesiington too
Comments Im a gay guy in chessington too,my mate at work told me about your site-when is the roosta
cam gonna be up again andy? Go on,spin the cam and lets see all the excitement going on at
North Parade shops.xx
Date 24 November 2001  Time  00:24
Name Greer
Location Melbourne, Florida
Comments Andy, Great new site. Hope you are doing well. God I miss you. Keep in touch. All my
best. Greer
Date 01 September 2001  Time  12:06
Name Adam
Location UK, but for how long! ;p
Comments Cool Site Andy, love checking out the new pictures too. I reckon you'll have some of
Southern Spain on here one day....wink wink! Take it easy and don't work too hard! Adam
Date 13 August 2001  Time  09:39
Name blokey
Location USA-UK
Comments Beautiful new guestbook. A clever lad you are. Hope my post works this time ;>) Maybe
it's just me but the homepage seems to have reverted back to a year ago. Take care good
buddy. *HUGZ* *waves* to Chris.
Date 15 July 2001  Time  19:26
Name Andy
Location Chessington, Surrey, UK
Comments OK, so here it is, my all new improved guestbook, searchable and hand written in ASP with
the help of a few friends along the way. I started copying the old entries across and then
decided that maybe it was just time for a new start anyway, that and I was feeling lazy.
So anyway, please leave a message after the tone and enjoy. Andy
Date 20 June 2001  Time  12:30